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Dreamhost is considered as one of the best hosting provider and it is also recommended by wordpress. Dreamhost offers Unlimited Web hosting for a low price They will also provide you a free domain name which normally costs you $10-$15. So you can save some dollars with the help of free domain. But there is a minus point for Dreamhost, it is nothing other than their prices. It will costs you more than $95.4 for a year. But today we will give you a $50 Dreamhost coupon 2016 which helps you in saving $50 on 1st year. 

Why Dreamhost

Oldest and trusted : Dreamhost is powering many websites since 1997. It is one of the oldest hosting company in the industry. There are many users reviews in many blogs, which gives us a positive impression on this company.

Recommended by Wordpress : Even though there are many hosting providers, Dreamhost is a best hosting for wordpress. If you are planning to install wordpress, Just go on with Dreamhost.

Free domain : Dreamhost offers you a free domain for 1 year which helps you in saving $10 per year. Small bloggers who are not able to buy an additional domain can use this domain.

Unlimited : Dreamhost offers you unlimited Hosting and Bandwidth. Their servers can easily handle websites with 10/lakh pageviews per day. And it will offer unlimited hosting, you can store many images or other things in your blog 

Script installer : Don't know how to install wordpress manually, or do you confused in installng wordpress. Dreamhost can help you in setting up your wordpress blog within 5 minutes with tyeur famous script installer. This is very helpful for those who don't have enough knowledge and enough money to hire an expert for wordpress installation. 

Normal pricing

Normally, you will have to pay more than $95.4/ year on a simple web hosting plan which gives you 

Unlimited hosting

Unlimited bandwidth

Free domain for 1 year like .com , .net

Script installer

One click google app integration, 

Custom Cpanel ( which is different from all other hosting companies ) 

Free $75 worth adwords credits

Latest PhpMYAdmin

$50 Dreamhost coupon 2016

Below is the link and a banner of Dreamhost. Just click on the link, you will be redirected to Dreamhost landing page, Buy hosting. 

Coupon code : signup to save $50  

Banner : 

dreamhost affiliate

  Let's do a simple math 

1 month hosting$ 7.95

 12 months= $7.95*12= $ 95.4 

with this coupon, you can save $50 : 

  $ 95.4- $50 = $ 45.4  ( The payable money ) 

Here you saved $50 per year. Use the $50 to buy good theme for your blog

But what about the coupon
The coupon is linked up with the Dreamhost banner and link. 
All you need to do is click, Buy and enjoy $50 saving with the coupon. 


Hope you like the $50 Dreamhost coupon 2016. Please subscribe for us to get more and more intresting deals in your inbox. This coupon is valid for whole 2016, After that i will update the link.Do you love Dreamhost, Share your experience with us


Blogger and Wordpress are the long time rivals in the industry. Some bloggers like Harsh Agarwal recommend Wordpress ( He uses Wordpress in all of his blogs ) and some like Mustafa recommend Blogger ( because he was using it and got good success with it ) . After using both blogger and Wordpress i will conclude one thing on Wordpress vs blogger and also who is the winner in the competition. Let's see the blog article and find more about the two blog builders. 

Note: This post is written for . Some people might confuse of and . 

wordpress vs blogger

Cost and Pricing

This is the first thing in the competition of wordpress vs blogger. Blogger is a free web publishing tool powered by Google. So they offer a blog for free. You don't need to pay a single penny for using them. 

Blogger gives you free hosting. It has an unlimited limit in storage and bandwidth. Frankly not unlimited because nothing is unlimited in our world. But they provide the hosting in the required amount for you and it will never ends. 

You don't need to worry about a domain name. They will give you a free domain name like :

Even though these domains won't look professional, it would be good for a beginner like me. 

Whereas wordpress is not free. Wordpress don't charge anything for providing their services, but they won't provide free hosting an domain like blogger.

You will need to buy hosting in order to use wordpress. There are many hosting providers. But don't a mistake while selecting hosting. Just listen and trust us, Go with inmotion hosting. They will provide unlimited hosting and a free domain name for a year which is very helpful for small bloggers. 

In order to use wordpress, you will need another thing. That is domain name. If you select inmotion there is no need of it for 1 year. But if you are willing to take hosting from other provider, you will need to buy a domain name seperately. What we recommend is Godaddy and NameCheap and Shoutmydomain. Because they will provide best rates and support. If you are a student, don't think about Wordpress vs blogger. Because you will find both are useful. We recommend you to go with blogger and then migrate.

Winner: Blogger

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Visitors only love professional sexy templates. If a theme or template is buggy, they will just get out of that blog. So templates matter more in blogging. So let's see the head to head Wordpress vs Blogger Templates

Blogger is a blog which uses XHTML and HTML languages for templates. As it is easy to code Html, there are many worst templates out there for blogger. We may face some difficulties to select a best and class blogger template. Here are some resources to find best blogger templates

Goyaabi templates

Wordpress uses the latest language PHP for powering their blogs. As php is very tough when compared to HTML, there are very low amount of themes available for wordpress ( not low but 70% of them are paid ). Themes of wordpress are outstanding and good professional looking. So you can find some best templates very easily without spending too much time, but you will have to spend some money.In wordpress vs blogger comparision of templates, we found the winner.

Winner: The professional Wordpress


This is a very important thing in this comparsion of wordpress vs blogger. Because we must build Seo optimized blogs to recieve higher traffic, Good status etc. Bloggers must write Seo optimized content to rank higher. But you need some support to do better in Seo, Right. The one which provides better Seo opportunities will be given the first priority. This is going to be an important thing in this post. Because every blogger must think about Seo and must take care of their blog's Seo to get food amount of traffic from search engines like Google.

When it comes to Seo, blogger must get down for sometime. Even though blogger is powered by Google, it can only rank in that. To prove this, just go to Yahoo or Bing and search for something. There you will find that 90% of blogs that ranking higher in yahoo are powered by Wordpress. But blogger can take advantage of Google. With a blogger blog, you can easily rank, if you have some good content only in Google. 
Blogger lacks many advanced Seo features which are essential for the journey of blogging. But don't worry, they will soon find a way for this. I am thinking that Google may update blogger again for some better Seo.

But when it comes to Wordpress, This is a major thing. Because the blogs which are powered by Wordpress can rank higher than our blogspot blogs. Just think, Go to google and search for something and you will find the exact meaning for my words. Wordpress offers many advanced Seo features with the help of plugins like Yoast and others. At the same time the interlinking system of Wordpress is better than blogger. Because it can link with the help of keywords. So it would be very easy for bloggers. But not only in Interlinking, there are many other Seo features available for Wordpress

Winner: In Google: Both
        In all search engines : Wp


Plugins help the bloggers in many things. Plugins help us to avoid writing the bloody Coding which is a irritation for young bloggers like me. In this wordpress vs blogger comparision, this is also an important section for wordpress

Hey guys, if your friend is using blogspot as his blogging platform, just go near to him and told him that blogger has added plugins. Look at the reaction, you will feel funny. Because Blogger don't have a single plugin. If you want to add a small and simle alexa rank widget, you need to add code to your blogger template. So what i think is don't speak more when it comes to plugins espicially if you are a blogspot user

With wordpress, you can install thousands of plugins from the plugin installation store. But you will find many crapy and buggy plugins which irritates you by slowing down your blog. So the usage of plugins must be limited . Only download plugins which are used by most fellow bloggers. For example, Yoast seo is a popular plugin. Without any confusion, you can go with that. Because it is widely used. In plugins wordpress is the undefeated streak.

Winner : Wordpress


In this competition of Wordpress vs Blogger, it is very easy to declare the winner. It is none other than Wordpress. But if you are new to the blogosphere, juat go with blogger which offers you a free domain and hosting. If you are willing to pay, go with wordpress. If you are not willing to pay for Hosting, fo with blogger. So let me know whicg platform you use and which one you would like to vote. Just comment and support your favourite blogging platform

Native ads are getting developed day by day. It looks like, they are going to beat display and text ads. But there is a problem with Native advertising, because the networks are very less. In a hundred ad networks, Only 1-3 are Native ad networks. So finding a high paying native ads network like Adnow, outbrain and Taboola is very hard. Today we are going to write MGID review. You will came to know that is this scam or Legit. Let's watch each and every aspect.

What is MGID ?


Mgid is a native ad network which is an USA based network. Almost all the USA based networks are considered as legit. MGID offers cost per click ( CPC ) ads. They said that they have an average RPM of $1-3. So it is a fair price. So let's see MGID review for publishers. 

MGID Review

Sign up and approval

Unlike adsense, MGID has an easy approval process. All you need to do is just signing up and verifying the mail and add a website. They don't have any traffic requirements. So small publisers can easily make money of it. But publishers blog/website must be clean. If your website have some illegal content, you won't get approved. Adult blogs, you don't have chance to work with MGID.

Ad formats


I cleanly mentioned that MGID is a native ad network and a good alternative to Outbrain and Taboola. This network only offers native ads. There are no other formats. They pay on CPC basis. 

Average CPC ( Rates )

As MGID only offers CPC, they must give good prices for ads to attract the publishers. But don't expect an income like Adsense. No other network can beat Adsense CPC. 

According to a comment from adswiki. They pay decent rates. He said that they are paying $0.38 for Australian clicks and $0.9 for USA clicks. Isn't it good ? . 

Scam or Legit

According to me and some other users, MGID is legit and paying on time. Even though i heard some negative reviews, i am satisfied with them. Because they were providing good rates, Paying On time. So there is no doubt, you can join, try, And can get paid from this native ad network.


This is a section which is bad for small publisers who get low amount of clicks. Because MGID has a huge minimum payout of $100. They pay via paypal, bank wire etc. This is very hard to reach, if you have a low traffic blog like me. 

Pros : 

100% Fill rate
Decent rates per click
No traffic requirements


$100 minimum payout
Sometimes unrelated ads to the blog or website. 

Payment proof :



MGID is a network which you must try. Don't miss this network. I have a good belief, that this network will never turn into a scam. What i say, go with this network.


Native advertising is the best way to make money from advertising. We all know that sponsered reviews are defeated by Native Ads. Native advertising is very effective way to promote your content, products etc. Today i am going to inroduce you a new ad network ( native ad network called Adnow. Let's see Adnow review
And find out is this a scam or legit network. 

What is Adnow ?


Adnow is a native advertising network which is founded in 2014. It is very similar to Taboola and Outbrain. I have found that they faced many problems in getting development. But finally they got some huge popularity. They said that they have competitive prices and good support for the publishers. 

Adnow Review

Signup and approval

The approval process is very easy. They don't have any traffic requirements. But they are not like Popvertizer, they take upto 48 hours to approve a website. 

Ad formats

Adnow is only a native ad network and they pay on Cpm and Cpc basis. Even though their CPM is low on some countries, their CPC is very good according to some user reports. 



The Min.payout is $20 and they pay on NET 7 basis. They pay vja paypal, bank wire etc. 

Name : Adnow

Alexa rank : 15,283

Ad formats : Native ads

Min.payout : $20

Payment methods : Paypal, Bank wire

Here are some proofs to prove Adnow is not a scam: 

Payment Proof


Even though there are many people who report Adnow scam, this network is not fully scam. What i recommend is Give it a try. 

Rating : 3/5


We are writing a spectacular series of Pop ad networks. Before two weeks we written about review and before two days ago we written Popcash review. Now we are here with another pop under ad network called PopVertizer. This PopVertizer review is based and focused on publishers only. Advertisers have to wait for some time, because i didn't tried them yet. Let's find out more about the network. At last i will conclude that is this a scam or legit network

What is PopVertizer ?


PopVertizer is a new member in the industry. It is a new ad network which got so much popularity with a huge number of publishers and advertisers. This network is an Europian network. This is high quality pop ad network which accept adult traffic. Thet accept traffic from all countries. They pay high Cpm for some countries. 

Popvertizer Review


Sign up and Approval

Publishers just need to go to website and fill the form to sign up. After signing up, you need to verify your account by clicking the link in Email which you recieve after signing up. Then you need to go to login and add a website. 

They approve website immediatly. They don't review any sites, they will just approve them. 

Ad formats

Popvertizer only use Popunders. They don't use other formats. 


They update stats hourly. Many sites like bidvertiser needs 24 hours to calculate stats ( impressions, clicks) . Whereas PopVertizer review your work for every hour and update stats.

Minimum Payout

The payout is very small. It is just $10 which is very easy to reach. For example, they are offering $1 CPM and if you give them 10,000 impressions, you can make $10 and cash out from popvertizer.

You can get payments through paypal and skrill. 

Name : Popvertizer

Alexa rank : 40,165

Ad formats : Pop Unders

Min.payout :$10

Payment terms : Net15

Payment Proof

Please submit a payment proof, if you got paid from this network. 


Hurry Up, Dreamhost offering a low price $5.8 and you can save upto $50.

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