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How To Enable Anonymous Comments In Blogger And Wordpress

Google is taking so much care of responsive blogs. Blogs with unresponsive themes are ranking lower because of the new algorithm which is based on responsiveness. Even though thousands of updates came, Blogger's commenting system is not responsive. But the issue is not with responsiveness. The issue with the commenting system. Because, the visitor who wanna comment on your blog, must have Google account. Google beleives that it will decrease the spammy comments. But some bloggers never think about Spamming, they still want to enable anonymous comments in Blogger and Wordpress Blog's. In this guide, i am going to show you how to allow the anonymus comments. 

Pros of enabling anonymous comments

Anyone can comment in your blog. Which means it is not mandatory to have a google account to the visitor.

It will increase the no.of comments in your blog. You will see new people come to your blog daily to comment on your blog. More comments means more visits means more $$$$.

Cons of anonymous comments

The main minus point of enabling them is spamming. Many people need to build some backlinks for their blog. The best and easy method to build backlinks is using blog commenting. So bloggers will use it. But there are some blogger's who spam blogs for backlinks. They post comments like Thank you, Great, Nice post etc. Because of this, bloggers must check their spam box daily. 

How to allow anonymous comments in blogger blogs

1. Go to and go to settings

2. Click on Posts, Comments and Sharing

3. In comments section, you can see a sub section call " who can comment on this blog " 

4. Select anyone

5. Yup ! You are done

How to allow anonymous comments in Wordpress blogs

1. Go to your wordpress admin panel

2. Click on settings and click on Discussion

3. Uncheck the option call " User must provide name/email. This helps the visitors in commenting without providing their info like Name, Email etc which make it almost anonymous. And click on save changes.

4. And you are done. 


With this simple guide, you can allow anonymous comments in your blog. If you need some more blogger tricks, just subscribe for us and you will never miss any article or tutorial from our side.

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Propeller ads review: Scam or legit, CPM rates and Earnings

Any blogger can easily say that Adsense had worked for them. But when they watch an email called Adsense ban, Their hearts were simply broken because all their earnings and future earnings from Adsense were stopped bevause of banning. But we all know that nothing in the world ends with one thing, When Adsense ends there are other monetizing methods to make money from a blog and there are many CPM ad networks to replace the position of Adsense. So today we are going to write an article on Propeller ads review ( An Adsense alternative ). At the same time we conclude this network with the features like Scam or Legit, Rates, Approvals and Ad formats. Let's see it.

What is Propeller Ads

Propeller ads is one of the best CPM ad network. It was one of the fastest growing ad network. It was a UK based ad network. That means they pay very higher for UK teaffic. CPM refers to Cost per mile. That means you will get paid for views not for clicks. They pay a Cpm rate for 1000 views ( mile refers to 1000). They pays a very good CPM ranging from $1 - $10. This is one of the good and best rates in the industry. There are many ad networks like Tribal Fusion which pays more than $ 20 per 1000 views. But never expect 20 dollars with a small network like Propeller ads.

Propeller Ads Review

Signup and Approval

This is not an easy appoval network like Popads, they are very strict at approving blogs and they rejected my blog ( Pro Blogger How ) too. Like every network, the bloggers who need to join Propeller Ads can visit their website and fill up the sign up form. Within 24 - 78 hours they send an email with the subject of approval or rejection. If you are approved, you are lucky and you can start impleting it on your blog. But if you are not approved for this network, then follow these requirements and reapply to this netwok to get approved :

1. There are no minimum traffic requirements

2. You need so many visits from UK, Canada and USA to get approved by propeller ads.

3. Your blog's layout and template must be good.

4. The blog must be live, blogs under construction won't get approval.

5. Quality content is needed for an approval.

6. Your blog must not host any objectionable content like Illegal drugs etc. Blog's in illegal niche wonn't get an approval. Propeller ads network is very strict and Propeller Ads review all the blogs and then approve them.

Ad formats

Propeller ads offer a huge range of ad formats and they are suitable for all blogs. These are some ad formats they offer

1. On click popunders
These are one of the best ad formats offered by propeller ads. Because according to them this is the highest paying ad format in their network. With this format, CPM can rise upto $7 -  $ 10. This is not a banner format. These ads trigger when someone clicks on your blog. For example, a visitor needs to jump to another article and he clicks on the article and them a popunder triggers and the blogger get paid. Anyway this is one of the best ad format.

2. Banner Ads
These are normal ads which appear like Adsense ads. All the adsense adsense ads are banner ads. The banner sizes include 728/90 , 300/250 etc. They pay very high for banner ads when a publisher place the ads in the best places like Header, Sidebar and in the middle of the content etc.

3. Layer ad
These are the layers that cover the content and if the visitor doesn't like the ad, he/she will close the ad and surfs your content. These types of ads get more clicks, even though you won't get many clicks, you will get paid. Remember this is a CPM network and you will get paid even the user click it or not.

4. Slider ads

Slider ads are also banners but appear in the footer of the bloggers website. When the user scrolls it, the ads will remain there and attracts more clicks and clicks increase CPM rates.

5. Video ads

They provide a script and when you paste it in the template of your blog, then you can easily monetize all the videos hostes on your blog. Video ads include Pre roll ads ( appear at the starting of the video ) and Ads in the middle of the ad.

6. Mobile ads

If you have a mobile targeted blog, you can still monetize your blog with the help of this format. Mobile ads include interstital ads which appear as a page and covers the content and the visitor has the option to close it and surf your blog.

These are the ad formats offered by Propeller ads.


Propeller ads pays a very decent rates of $ 0.01 to $10. I started with $0.01 because some bloggers report that this network pays very low rates. But what i recommend is try this network only when you get high UK, Canada traffic. Because they pay very high for UK, Canada traffic. Propeller axs pays very high rates in the industry. Propeller ads review the traffic sources and then pays a good CPM rates.


The minimum payout of propreller ads is $100 and the largest minus point for them is they won't pay using Paypal. That's why many publishers won't join them. They pay via checks and the minimum payout for checks is $100 anz $500 is the minimum payout for bank wire transfers.

Scam or legit

Propeller ads is one of the best and legit ad network. This is not a scam ad network. There are many publishers who got paid by them. I'm not one of them, but one of my online friend got paid by them.


High competitive rates

Good layout

A large range of formats

A genuine and legit ad network

Approval is not so hard.


Low CPM rates for countries ither than UK, Canada and USA.

Paypal is not a payment method of propeller ads. They only pay via cheques.

Popunders are sometime worst for user satisfaction. Your blog visitors will be annoyed after seeing popunders in your blog and it will decrease your blog's bounce rates too.


This is the Propeller Ads review and it is purely written for publishers. Please recommend this article with your friends and family in Facebook and Twitter too.

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7 Best ways to Make Money from a Blog- learn monetizing

Blogging is not only the way to express your feelings, it is one of the best way to make some money. Many dummies don't know, what are the best ways to make money from a blog They try out all the waste methods and it will result in ending up as a zero blogger. But who blogs for zero income ? . We all know that there are many ways to earn money from a blog. But all of them are not good. Some will promise you that you will earn a huge where as some will promise that you will make a decent amount of dollars. But it depends on the method and the way use it.

For example, Adsense is the best ad network. But there are some people who complain about the rates of Adsense. So we must understand one thing, that is usability. All methods are depended on the method you use them.

Must read : Tips and tricks to increase Adsense CPC rates

So here, you will learn how to make money from your blog without knowing much knowledge.

Best ways to make money from a blog

1. Placing CPM/CPC ads

Best ways to Make Money from a Blog
CPM ad in the sidebar

According to me half of the blogs are earning a huge amount with the help of Advertising. Placing ads in your blog helps you in generating more and more income and making your blog an ATM. When it comes to CPC advertising, the name that strikes your mind is Adsense. Hey i know mind reading ( did i guess it right, just kidding ) . Because Adsense is the best CPC advertising and it is powered by the Google. So it will make sure that you will make some decent money from the ads. Every blogger is not lucky as they won't get an Adsense approval. So you must try out some best adsense alternatives like Adsoptimal, Chitika, Revenuehits etc. Anyway using CPM/CPC networks is one of the best ways to make money from a blog

How to earn more with CPM/CPC ads

1. Select the good network like Adsense

2. Disable unrelated categories ( if you are using Adsense )

3. Select the good ad formats if you are placing ads in sidebar, select the image ads  and if you are placing ads in middle of the content, use Text ads which will brings you more clicks

These are some tips to increase your earnings with advertising

2. Sell Ad space directly

Generally people won't like boss or a middle men who pays them for work. The middle men are advertising networks like Adsense. So what people loves ? . They love to become their own boss. This applies for direct advertising. Direct advertising is the best way to sell ad space with your own prices. In direct advertising, you have the option to talk with the advertiser, set your own prices. And you have an option to approve or reject ads. With Adsense, you can only disable categories, even though you disable some categories, it would display some unrelated ads in your blog. But in direct advertising, you can only approve the ad, which matches your blog niche. For example, an advertiser wants to promote his weight loss product and he/she asks you to promote his product on your blog. But if you have a technology blog, i know that you don't approve them. But with Adsense, you cannot stop them. At the same time, If you have a good blog with good alexa rank, you can even demand upto $1500 per month. Anyway direct advertising solves the question what are the best ways to make money from a blog for big blogs.

Note : I don't recommend direct advertising for small blog. Only select this method if you have a good blog with alexa of less than 1,00,000.

Steps to earn more with direct advertising :

1. Use direct ad networks like Buysellads.

2. Every forum has an buy/sell trade section. Use it and post your ad space in it.

3. Place banners like "Place your ad here in your blog".

4. Your advertise with us page must be unique with all traffic, alexa, PR and traffic sources information

3. Affiliate Marketing

Best ways to Make Money from a Blog

Here is an Indian pro blogger who earns nearly $20,000 with the help of promoting products in his blog, also called as Affiliate Marketing. He is none other than Harsh Agarwal, Once watch his income report and you will see that he is earning 90% of income with affiliate marketing. That's why i recommend you to start using affiliate marketing. A question like which is one of the best ways to make money from a blog which is perfect niche targeted will be solved by affiliate marketing. Affiliate Marketing is nothing other than promoting products on your blog. It is like a referral program, in referral program, if someone signs up through your referral id, you will get some commsion. In affiliate program, if someone buys a product through your referral id, you will get paid.

For example, if your blog is about domains. You can signup to an affiliate program related to domains like Bigrock. Then start promoting bigrock in your blog. If someone buys a product from bigrock through your affiliate id, it will give you some commision.

Here is a video by us on Adsense vs Affiliate Marketing. Just watch this video and decide what to use Adsense or Affiliate Marketing in your blog.

Here are some tips to earn more with affiliate marketing :

1. Select the right product

2. Start writing reviews about the product you are promoting and it will bring you some more sales.

3. Signup with CJ affiliate and start promoting products without signing up with all programs. Because it is a pool of affiliate programs.

4. Sponsered Reviews

Best ways to Make Money from a Blog

The name suggests that it is a method which involves of reviews. This is one of the best way to advertise.

If you are an advertiser

If you are an advertiser who is the founder of an ad network and you wanna promote your ad network across the blog. Then you select a blog and contact the blogger to write a review on your blog. He/she asks you for a trail and then they analyze your product and decide a conclusion and write about your product and it's pros and cons on his/her blog. And it will result in a good exprosure of your ad network

If you are a publisher/blogger

You can make a very huge amount by writing sponsered posts in your blog. If your blog is so popular with so many readers, you can demand upto $500 easily and they are willing to pay you.

Which is one of the best ways to make money from a blog without advertising ? . The first answer would be sponsered reviews.

Tips to earn more with sponsered reviews

1. Only select this method, if your blog is so popular

2. Only write reviews on related products

3. Write your review honestly.

These are the simple but effective tips on sponsered reviews.

5. Selling ebooks

Best ways to Make Money from a Blog

Here is a best example of selling ebooks. The best pro blogger of India Harsh Agrwal sells ebooks in his blog shoutmeloud and earns a good amount of money with it.

Which is one of the easiest and best ways to make money from a blog. The answer is Ebooks.

All you need to do is selecting a good topic like Adsense mastery guide etc. You must research and even start experimenting on your topic and then based on your expeirence on that topic. Write an
PDF ebook which must be in-depth, includes photos etc and then you can publish it in your blog ebook store and start selling it and if your blog has good amount of subscribers, it would be very much easy to make your first ebook sale.

6. Offering Services

We all see some bloggers in the blog-o-sphere will create a page called Hire me. Because offering services is one of the best eays to make money from a blog.

For hirer :

If you are a newbie and don't know how to optimize your blog for search engines. Then you meed to hire an SEO expert.

For Blogger :

When someone hires you, the rates are depended on you. You can select a rate of $100 to $1000 for some purposes. Some popular bloggers offering services like search engine optimization of blogs and making a decent amount from it.

Tips to earn more with Services

1. Write a good Services page

2. Send the sample works of you to the perdon who hired you. It will bring some confidence.

3. Only offer services when you are an expert only.

7. Offer blogging courses online

Online teaching is still one of the best ways to make money from a blog. Harsh Agarwal an Indian blogger, started a new online course under his brand called ShoutUniversity. And he teaches all blogging related courses online. This is only possible for big bloggees who has much exprosure. So if you are one of them, start your blogging university now


These are the best ways to make money from a blog. As a small blogger, i only use Adsense and Affiliate marketing in my blog. But if you have a blog with decent number of monthly readers and subscribers, try out all the methods and tell me which one is worked for you.
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How to create an Ad unit in Adsense for Beginners

Adsense is one of the largest ad network which is used my many publishers in the world. As it is one of the best network, it is not so easy to master Google Adsense. Even though some beginners don't know how to create an ad unit in Adsense. It is very embarrassing for those guys, so they look for some guides and tutorials. Here is a guide provided by us for beginners. This article has also a video in the last paragraph. Watch it for better understanding.

How to create an ad unit in Adsense

1. Go to Google Adsense and go to my ads.

2. Click on new ad unit
create an ad unit in adsense

3. Type the name of the ad unit. You can name it like anything. Here i have named my adsense unit as Adsense.

4. Select the size of the ad unit. For example, if you want to place the ad unit in sidebar, we recommend you to select 300/250 ad unit. Or if you want to place it in the header right of your blog, select 728/90 and place it in your blog. Here i'm using Responsive ad unit.
5. Select the formats. If you are willing to place an ad in middle of the content, use text ad formats. If you wanna place an ad in sidebar or header select the image format. Here i'm using both text and image formats.

how to create an ad unit in Adsense

Leave all the options empty and just click on save and get code..

Here is a video tutorial on how to create an ad unit in Adsense.


Making an ad unit in adsense is very easy. But for beginners it is very hard. So we published this guide. From now we are going to publish many guides on Adsense to help newbie and beginners.
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4 Best And Cheap Wordpress hosting companies in India

Recently we published an article on Blogger vs Wordpress and it has been proved that Wordpress is the best blogging platform. But wordpress is a self-hosted CMS which needs an own hosting and domain. All the databases, Images, And articles of your wordpress blog must be hosted on a hosting server. So today we compiled a list of best and cheap wordpress hosting companies.

There are many hosting companies which promote that they offer unlimited hosting for as low as $1.99 . They really provide good hosting, but the problem with these companies is security. They are not good and won't provide good security for your blog. Anyone can easily hack your blog. Here is a guide published by Anil Agarwal about Tips to secure wordpress blogs from hackers. So selecting a reliable and trusted hosting company is a must. All the companies listed here are trusted and provide a decent security for their users blog's.

Cheap wordpress hosting companies


Cheap Wordpress Hosting Companies

Ipage is one of the oldest hosting company and it is one of the trusted network. They are very popular for their decent rates. Actually one can easily say that Ipage is one of the best and cheap wordpress hosting companies. Ipage provides a free domain for one year which is very good and it is an encouraging for small bloggers. You can easily pay ipage with Paypal, Credit and Debit cards. Some bloggers won't recommend this company, because it will go down for sometimes. But recently i have seen that they are doing well.

Plans :

Ipage offers two wp plans called Wp starter and Wp essential.
best and cheap wordpress hosting

Wp starter : Wp starter plan starts from $3.95 per month without any coupon and with coupons you can save alot. They offer unlimited storage and bandwidth. They provide pre-installed themes which helps the blogger to make their blog super fast. They offer free search engine credits which helps you in promoting your blog in Google, Bing etc for free.

Wp essential : The name suggest that it is good for big wordpress blogs. This plan starts from $6.75 per month. They offer a free domain, Unlimited storage and bandwidth, Pre-preinstalled themes. They offer WP expert suggestions, Enchanced security and Speed for their users.


According to Ipage, They offer 24/7 support. A hosting company must offer good support to get more customers and to be more reliable.

ipage is a good solution for those who who are looking for reliable hosting for low cost. They are very good at support and cost too.

Buy ipage hosting  now :

                                     iPage site builder banner

2. Bluehost

Bluehost is founded in 1997 and it is one of the oldest living hosting company in the home of internet. They are successfully empowering many blog with their top hosting. Many pro bloggers like Anil Agarwal are using bluehost for many years and have good experience with it. Here is a detailed review on bluehost. Anyone can pay using Paypal, Credut and Debit cards to Bluehost. Bluehost also offers indian hosting call . But i recommend you to go with their original world wide hosting

Plans :

Bluehost have 3 hosting plans call Normal, Plus and Prime.

Normal : The normal plan has a good rate of $3.49. They offer 50 GB of storage and unlimited traffic ( also called as bandwidth ) . They offer a free domain for life and you can use it for your wordpress blog. They offer 1 free email account in the name of your domain. Each email has storage of 100 mb

Plus : The plus plan has rate if $ 5.45 and it is the most popular plan of bluehost. With this plan, you can get unlimited storage and traffic. They offer free domain for life. They offer unlimited email accounts and unlimited storage of email.

Prime : This plan really costs $14.99, but now they are offering a good rate of $5.45 and they provide unlimited hosting and traffic. Unlimited email accounts and you can include unlimited number of websites in your blog.

Bluehost is one of the oldest and cheap wordpress hosting companies which offer good hosting for good price.

3. Inmotion Hosting

Started in 2001, inmotion is one of the fastest growing hosting network. One of the famous blog AllBloggingTips is hosted on Inmotion since 2012. And the founder Ammar Ali, recommends inmotion hosting in his blog. I don't like theur outdated design, but outdated design doesn't means that it is worst, they offer one of the best and cheap wordpress hosting.

Plans : 

Launch : The cost of this plugin is $ 3.50 per month. This plan helps you in hosting 2 blogs, because they offer unlimited hosting and traffic.

Power : The plan costs $ 4.49 per month and with this plan, you can easily host 4 websites. This plan offers unlimited hosting and traffic and you can get a free domain. This plan offers 4x performance.

Pro : The plan costs $ 7.49 and you can host unlimited no.of websites with this plan. They offer unlimited hosting and traffic. It can deliver 6x performance for your blog.

Inmotion stands as an authoritive hosting company and it is used by many wordpress experts.

Buy inmotion now:
                              Web Hosting at InMotion Hosting

4. Dreamhost

Dreamhost is one of the trusted hosting provider and the famous Indian blogger harsh agarwal started his journey with this hosting, and now you can understand that this is a good option that worth every penny. Dreamhost is using ssd drives for all their hosting plans and they told me that their hosting speed has been increased upto 200% and it improves your blog load time.

plans: i don't know more about the plans of dreamhost but all i can say is it will cost you $119 per year with dreamhost. But if you buy hosting with this banner, you will get hosting for $69 per year only. Buy now

Buy Dreamhost Hosting now

dreamhost affiliate


These are the best and cheap wordpress hosting companies by us. If you know any other hosting company, just let us know by commenting on our blog.

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