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Sunday, 12 February 2017

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How to Create a Blog with Blogger For Free in 5 minutes

Starting a blog is not so difficult, But maintaining the blog is very difficult. Many people, have an enthusiasm to start a website, But they don't know that it is called a blog. There is so much difference between a blog and website. But i'm not talking about that. I'm gonna give you a good clarity and tutorial on How to create a blog with blogger.

How to create a  blog with blogger

1. Go to blogger.com and sign in with your Google account ( The one which you use to login into your Gmail account ).

2. Click on create blog.

3. Type a name, Url and click on create blog.

If the URL you selected is already taken, It is not possible to take it from them. So change the URL with another URL and try again. Never put spaces in the URL, because it would not get accepted by Blogger.  Yes, You created a blog with blogger.

Advantages of Blogger

No Need of domain and hosting :

Hosting and domain costs so much ranging from $3-$9 per month. For new bloggers, it is very big. I am also waiting to buy domain name in future. For example, if you want to go with wordpress, You must buy hosting and domain to get started.

But, you can easily create a blog with blogger. It will give you a free domain like,


Yeah, it looks unprofessional, but for starters it is good. And Blogger will give you free hosting for life.

Ease of Use

Blogger is also drag and drop website builder. But it is different from others like WIX and Weebly. Even with zero coding experience, you can easily maintain your blog.

Tons of themes and Widgets

There are many widgets and Templates for blogger. But they ask you for some footer credits, If you give them, You are done. I'm also using a custom template for my blog.

Disadvantages of Blogger

SEO: Blogger is also an Seo friendly platform. But it lack of some main and must have Seo features. Even though blogger added many things like Meta tags, Robots and Sitemaps, still blogger is not an Seo friendly platform like Wordpress. Because of lack of Seo, Your posts cannot appears in the first page of Google, resulting in low page views

Low control : Google is the one behind Blogger and it has the right to delete your blog permanently. They won't delete your blog for some silly reasons. Instead, they will delete your blog, if your blog has copyright issues. So you must take care of copyrights.


In this way, you can create a blog with blogger in 5 minutes. This is free and risk free method. I started this blog by this tutorial. Wanna learn more about blogger, subscribe for us

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Saturday, 11 February 2017

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7 Common Seo mistakes and How to avoid them

SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ) plays a viral role in increasing traffic of a blog. Without proper Seo, You cannot achieve success in your blogging career. Without proper Seo, your blog can't get enough traffic. Without enough traffic, you cannot get good alexa rank. Without traffic, you cannot make money from your blog. So to get traffic, We need the help of Seo. Today i am going to tell you about 5 common Seo mistakes and how to avoid them.

5 common Seo mistakes and How to avoid them

1. Not doing proper keyword research

Keyword research is a time taking task in On-page Seo. To rank higher, Bloggers must select good keywords. But some bloggers never select good keywords. They always check out the CPC of keywords, But not the competition. To get a good position in search engines, you must select keywords with low competition and high CPC. Here is a guide from Neil Patel on selecting the right keywords.

To do keyword research properly, you need to take the help of a good seo tool like SemRush. Here is a detailed Semrush review for bloggers. According to me, SemRush is very good but charges very high like $69. Here is a very good alternative to SemRush and that is LongTailPro. And a free alternative is Google Keyword Planner.

2. Maintaining very high keyword density

Keyword density helps the search engines to pick up your keyword and helps you in ranking higher for the keyword. But maintaining a high keyword density is very bad. It is also called Keyword Stuffing. Generally you must maintain a good keyword density of less than 2%. Personally, we maintain a keyword density of 0.5-1% and it helps me to rank higher for my desired keyword.

To check out the keyword density, you can use a Seo plugin like Yoast Seo. Yoast Seo has a content analyzer which analyze the keyword density of a keyword.

3. Not Optimizing Permalinks

Permalinks are like silencers of a gun. Because it can easily kill your blog by making your posts rank very lower. Optimizing permalinks is not a hard or time taking task. To optimize permalinks, All you need to do is removing stop words like is, to, and etc. Here is a huge list of stop words. Remove those keywords from your permalinks and make it seo optimized. Permalinks are one of the common seo mistakes which can easily drop your rankings, so never neglect them. Using blogger, Here is a guide to optimize permalinks in your blog

4. Neglecting Meta descriptions

Meta descriptions helps search engines in picking up the right keyword. By writing a good and optimized meta description, you can even rank for multiple keywords. For example, If you are writing about 5 common Seo mistakes, You can even rank for simple seo mistakes by writing a good meta description.

How to write meta description in Blogger

1. Go to blogger.com and write a post

2. On the right side, Click on search description.

3. Write a good description in a very short length like 120 characters. You must include your desired keyword in the description.

5. Building low quality backlinks

After the Penguin and Panda updates, Bloggers must maintain a good link profile which helps them in ranking higher. Even though you are very good at on-page Seo optimization, We must take the help of off-page seo to rank on the 1st page of Google. Google won't like Low quality links. So you must concentrate on the quality of backlinks. Here are some tips to build high quality backlinks:

1. Write Guest posts in high quality blogs. Never write guest posts in a low quality and spammy blog for backlinks. They will surely affect your blog. Instead spend your valuable time on writing a good post and publishing them on high quality blog like ShoutMeLoud.

2. Comment on dofollow blogs. Before commenting check out many factors like DA and PA of the blog.

3. Avoid footer credit links. They might be unrevealant

This is not a common seo mistake, But this is one of the huge mistake. Never build low quality links in hurry. Slowly build up links, Only high quality links.

6. Neglecting Image Optimization

Optimization of images for search engines helps us to drive more traffic. To optimize images, You need to add alt tag which can be easily added by writing a piece of HTML code. In wordpress, You can easily take care of Image optimization of your blog. All you need to do is name the image correctly and alt tag would automatically added to your image. Image optimization is only neglected by newbies like me and one of the most common Seo mistakes ever.

7. Using too many Javascript code and Plugins

Too much Javascript coding can hurt down the speed of your blog. Even Google insights recommend us to use less javascript tags and we can improve speed of our blog. In Wordpress, We can use plugins to optimize our blog. But too many plugins increase blog load time. So you must use low amount of plugins. Try to make your blog load within 2 seconds. This is one of the most common Seo mistakes by newbies.

Wrapping Up

These are the most common Seo mistakes and you must avoid them to get better rankings. All the things and tricks listed above are very important in search engine optimization. So you must take care of all Seo aspects to rank on the first page of Google. Subscribe for our blog and get latest Seo tips and tricks

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Friday, 10 February 2017

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How to Embed Youtube Videos in Blogger blog Posts

Images are very good way to write tutorials in an understanding manner. But there are some people won't easily understand anything. For those guys, We can use videos and explain a tutorial in good way. In wordpress, We can get unlimited power to access plugins, even though for a simple permalink optimization, There are plugins for Wordpress. But Blogger is different from others. We need to write coding to add anything in Blogger. Blogger uses HTML, which can be easily written and understood by newbies too. HTML is very easy when compared to PHP. But today, i am not gonna talk about Web Languages, Today i am gonna explain you " How to Embed Youtube Videos in Blogger.

How to embed youtube videos in blogger

1. Go to youtube.com and search for the video tutorial, you want to insert in your blog post. ( The video you select must be good in quality, Must have good voice quality, And the tutorial must be clear ) . Because no one likes low quality tutorials, Everyone check out for high quality videos. Watch the video properly and then make a decision

2. Look out for Share, click on it.The Arrow icon is Share.

3. Click on embed, And you will get a HTML code which you can use it to embed a youtube video in blogger.

5. Come back to blogger.com, Write a post

6. Click on HTML

7. Look for the right place to insert a video. If you are writing a tutorial, Never add video in the middle of the content, try to add it below or above the tutorial.

For example, If you want to add the video below the heading. And the heading is example-1

After clicking on HTML, Look out for Example-1 and right after it, Paste the code, which we extracted in the step-3.

Advantages of embed videos

1. Your visitors can easily understand what are you trying to tell them. Tutorials can be easily understood by people by watching it in a video.

2. When a visitor, watch the video, He/she gets a good impression on your blog. And whenever they watch your blog in search engines, They will click on your blog

3. Visitors will stick out for your blog and helps you in increasing alexa rank, Decreasing bounce rate, Increasing Adsense earnings etc. All the above things are advantages right and good for any blog.


With this simple way, you can embed youtube videos in blogger blog posts. And that helps you in improving the user experience of your visitor. Subscribe for our blog and get latest blogspot tricks.

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How To Optimize Permalinks in Blogger and Get More Traffic

Permalinks plays a key role in ranking of a blog. They are not so important like keyword research but it has some own work to do. Because bad permalinks can easily change the position of your blog in search engines. Every Permalink here at Pro Blogger How are optimized. It is not so difficult like keyword research. All you need is some Seo knowledge. In wordpress, Plugins help bloggers to get rid of bad permalinks and it has customized permalink structure. But in Blogger, You don't have the option to edit permalink structure, But you can edit permalinks.

How to optimize permalinks in blogger

1. Go to blogger.com
2. Write a new post, Write like everyday you write.
3. On the right side of the post, you can see permalinks tab

4. Click on it And select Custom Permalink
5. Remove stop words like to, How etc. Here is a great list of stop words, remove all of them.

How to optimize permalinks of an already published article

1. For published articles, you cannot edit permalinks. Because the link which you chanve can become a broken link.
2. To edit those, select the post and click on revert to draft
3. Click on permalinks and click on custom permalink. Edit the permalink and publish it again
4. And don't forgot to redirect the old url to new one.

Extra optimization of permalinks

While writing a custom pernalink, you must not use spaces between the words in URL. Instead, usd hipens (-) between two words and it gives extra optimization.

Why optimizing Permalinks

1. Optimization of Permalinks is a must do task in On-page Seo and it helps you in ranking higher.
2. Permalink optimization helps you in good navigation and it gives the visitor a good impression. Yes, There are some people, who even read the permalinks like me.


With this simple tutorial, you can easily optimize permalinks in blogger/blogspot blog and it helps you in getting more traffic amd more earnings. For some more tips and tricks, Subscribe for our blog and get latest updates.
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Thursday, 9 February 2017

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How To Get On The First Page Of Google Without Paying Anything ( Free )

how to get on the first page of Google in 24 hours ?

The answer is simple. Just start using Google Adwords. Google Adwords is an advertising network in the giant search engine Google. When you search something like Flipkart, you will find paid reults and organic results. The paid results are called Adword ads. If you are looking to rank for highly competitive keyword, you can start using Adwords, spend some money and boost your search traffic.

But how to rank for highly competitive keyword without paying anything ?

The answer is SEO ( search engine optimization ) . But the difficult part with SEO is there are no shortcuts in seo. But the advantage is you can rank for any keyword when you get a good position in Seo. I mean when your blog is fully optimized for search engines ranking is very easy. So today in this article, i'm going to tell you " How to get on the first page of Google for free " .

how to get on the first page of google for free

1. Build revelant links

How To Get On The First Page Of Google Without Paying Anything ( Free )

Backlinks are the important factor of ranking in Google. The more links you have, the more oppurtunity for you to get a good position. But wait, building unrevelant and poor quality links aren't good for Seo. Instead tgey will hurt your rankings. So never buy backlinks from people who speak a word called Guaranteed Google rankings. Because they start building poor and unrevelant links and you might get banned from search engines. Natural link building is very good for Seo.

If your blog's niche is Technology, try to build links from a tech blog. Never build links from a science blog for tech blog, because it is an unrevealant link and might hurt your rankings.

Here are the best ways to build backlinks in less time.

This article explains you what are backlinks and how to build them.

And this one explains you how to find dofollow blogs, forums and Edu, gov sites.

But remember, Build dofollow links because nofollow links don't have a good seo value. Edu and Gov sites provide high quality backlinks and Google loves them and will boost your traffic and rankings

2. Page rank ( Not anymore )

Page rank is a main ranking factor which helps bloggers to rank on the first page of Google for free in old school days. But now page rank is officially died and it is no more a ranking factor. So never think about page rank. But there are some other factors which you need to concentrate on.

3. Keyword placement

On page seo optimization includes the perfect use of keywords. Keyword placement is the only thing in on page seo. Ranking on first page is all about on page seo. Because Google must pick up the keyword and then it will give you the first position. Here are a few strategies to tell Google which keyword you want to rank for ?

1. Place the keyword in the first paragraph

2. Place the keyword in bold

3. Place the keyword in H2 or H3 tag

4. Place the keyword in Title

5. Place the keyword in meta description

6. Place the keyword in permalink

7. Place the keyword in anchor text ( not needed )

8. Place the keyword in the last paragraph

9. Don't over stuff keywords, it will result in a ban from Google.

10. Keep a keyword density below 1.5% to keep your blog healthy

Here is a tutorial which tells you some techniques on On- page seo optimization

4. Page speed

How To Get On The First Page Of Google Without Paying Anything ( Free )

Now a days speed became a main ranking factor. Pages with low speed are not able to rank higher whereas pages with maximum speed are ranking higher and enjoying a huge organic traffic. Bloggers face a problem in optimizing their blog speed. Because bloggers must place some images in the post body and images consume more space and takes more time to load. So here are a few tips to improve the loading time :

1. Compress images. Image compression reduce the pixels and then they will reduce the image size. With image compression, the quality of images won't become low. The quality of images wom't get affected. But image compression takes so much time. So you need a plugin, for wordpress users, There are automatic image compression plugins which automatically compress images and improve the blog speed.

Here is an article from ShoutMeLoud on which is the best image compression plugin.

2. Use caching plugins like W3 Toal cache and wp super cache which caches the webpage and tell the browser to load from the cache not from the network, this improves the blog loading time.

3. Minify CSS and Javascript. Minifying the CSS code won't affect your blog's template, instead it will increase the speed of blog.

4. Use a CDN. Not recommend in this article, because the article says How to get on the first page of Google for free. So no need of plugins and services which cost so much.

5. Responsive Template

Make your template mobile friendly to rank higher.

6. Interlinking

Interlinking helps in better indexing and higher ranking. Interlinking sometimes helps the bloggers in building high quality links. Google picks interlinks as backlinks and give you a huge boost.

7. Optimize permalinks

How To Get On The First Page Of Google Without Paying Anything ( Free )

Permalinks are the url of blog post. Url's must not include words liks to, for, with etc. These are called stop words. Remove stop words from permalink and get on the first page of Google.

8. Social sharing

Sharing articles in social media networks like Facebook and Twitter boosts your blog ranking. There are many free social sharing plugins for Wordpress which automates social sharing and will definitely gives you a boost in search engines.

9. Sitemap's 

How To Get On The First Page Of Google Without Paying Anything ( Free )

Sitemap's helps bloggers in getting their blog indexed. Good indexing means good position. According to me poor indexing of blog, affects the search engine position. Good indexing means good rankings.

10. Outbound links

Outbound links helps the visitors to privide more information and gives you a good position in Google. But unnecessary outbound linking is a penality. So never use unnecessary outbound linking.

11. Keyword Research

Last but not the least, The main thing in ranking is keyword research. Selecting the right keywords is the essential ingridient on How to get on the first page of Google. There are two types of keywords. One is

High competition keywords : Ranking for these keywords can only be done in a dream with a normal blog. Because there are many competitors for this keyword and it is almost impossible to rank for these type of keywords with a new blog.

Low competition keywords : These keywords are very easy to rank. Even with a new blog, You can easily rank on the first page of Google without paying a penny. If you use the above strategies, it is very easy to rank higher for these type of keywords.

I will surely publish a detailed article on keyword research. Until then, use the above simple keyword research guide .

12. Alt tags

How To Get On The First Page Of Google Without Paying Anything ( Free )

Google can't read images. So providing an alt tag to the image, helps Google in indentifying them. In wordpress, there is a friendly plugin called seo friendly images. All you need to do is naming the image and it will automatically add an alt tag to the image and you can easily get on the first page of Google

13. Write good meta descriptions

How To Get On The First Page Of Google Without Paying Anything ( Free )

Meta descriptions engage the visitors to click on your post and it will help search engines in ranking for multiple keywords. Here is a guide on adding meta tags to blogger blogs

14. Add multimedia and infographics

Adding videos helps the visitors to learn more from your blog. It is very good in providing tutorials in your blog. Infographics is now a best thinv to rank higher in Google without paying anything. But sometimes it needs some money. Because creating an infographic is very hard. But making videos is easy. Add videos to help visitors and it is very important to get on the first page of Google for free

15. Some other tricks

Write long content

Use LSI keywords

Use a good seo tool like SemRush

Using good host like dreamhost gives you a good boost

Use yoast seo analyzer to analyze your conetent.


There are many other things on How to get on the first page of Google. But this is a very long article which irritates you in reading. Anyway these are my techniques, i ranked very good for some keywords using these tricks and i recommend you to start using them right away

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